Sports Management Scholarships

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Though you can find several scholarship opportunities through our online directory, you need not stop your search here. Searching for sports management scholarships online can help you find more funding for your education, including both state and national scholarship opportunities. You should also consider contacting local sports organizations to see if they are interested in sponsoring your education.

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Identify Trends in Sports Management Scholarships

Some sports management scholarships are targeted at a broader range of students in sports-related professions, such as sports journalism and sports medicine. As a result, competition for these scholarships is more intense than for other scholarships primarily targeted at sports management students. However, as scholarships exclusively for sports management are uncommon, you will need to apply for some of these as well to improve your chances of receiving scholarship funding. Make sure to work hard and get a solid GPA for a better chance at receiving these funds.

Sports management scholarships are usually offered by universities and foundations, though some are offered by other organizations like professional associations. You should look into scholarship opportunities offered by specific sports management programs before applying, as these are a common source of funding for students and you are likely to qualify simply by attending the university in question and having a strong GPA. Contact the head of the department or the financial aid office for more information on university-sponsored scholarships, including eligibility requirements and the potential for renewal.

Key Sports Management Scholarships

Peg Ellsesser Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by Shawnee State University, and is targeted at students in sports management and athletic training programs at that school. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered for this award. This scholarship provides $500 toward a student’s tuition and fees for the junior or senior year of their program.

Dorothy Harris Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is offered through the Women’s Sports Foundation, and is targeted at women who would like to pursue graduate study in fields like sports management, sports sociology, or physical education. Scholarship recipients must maintain a strong academic performance to receive this award. This scholarship provides $1,500 for up to three students each year.

Directory of Sports Management Scholarships